How to Leverage your Social Media Strategy with SEO Tactics?

It will take approximately 2 minutes to read this article and find out how to boost social media performance with Search Engine Optimisation (S.E.O) tactics.

In last decade, social media became a critical channel to drive business success. This article will briefly illustrate the position of social media in modern digital strategies and then describe how to utilise a range of SEO tactics to maximise it.

Thanks to its massive user group, social media plays an important role in brand awareness and lead generation campaigns with significant visibility on the platform.

Relating business strategy with Social Media Strategy and SEO tactics

Similarly, the goal of SEO is to maximise website’s visibility on the organic search result page across a range of search queries. Given the similarity of two, SEO tactics can be utilised to support the company’s social media strategy.

How to leverage social media results by using SEO tactics?

It depends on your business circumstances, however, there are a few tools that can help you create content; build brand awareness and measure social traffic success:

  • Google Trends: Analyse the historical search data to identify the trending topics for social content creation.
  • Google Alerts: Set an alert notification on your brand name and key terms to get an overview of the related social media discussions.
Example of data found in the Google Trends dashboard
  • Search Console: Monitor your website’s health in terms of page speed and mobile usability to ensure a good foundation for your social media traffic.
  • Google Analytics: Understand your social media traffic regarding user engagement, such as bounce rate, time on site and conversion data.
  • OpenGraph (OG) Meta Tag Manage – Decide how your website URL is displayed when shared on Social Media, including Facebook (FB) and Twitter.
OpenGraph Meta Tag Management

The benefits of OG include:

  1. Managing your post title, description and image
  2. Drawing your target audience’s attention and deliver your message at a glance
  3. Helping FB understand what your page is about and hence increase your visibility

Besides, there is also a variety of proprietary software that can analyse the search ranking of your competitors, content they shared, and many other aspects related to your own business.

To sum up, there is a range of SEO tactics to support your social media strategy based on your company’s mission, vision, strategy and goals.

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Henry Leung
Henry Leung

Henry Leung is an SEO strategist at Fastrack Group, a full-service marketing agency for hoteliers, with a proven record of success in developing and executing creative digital strategies for stakeholders.

Alberto Nicotra
Alberto Nicotra

Alberto Nicotra is the managing director of Indive Analytics, which helps Small and Medium Enterprises improve profit margins by fine-tuning operations and approach to market using data.

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