Power up your website and marketing using Google Analytics

This article takes 2 minutes to read. It explains how valuable the insights from Google Analytics are and how you can access them free of charge.

Google Analytics is one of the most popular web traffic analysis cloud-based applications. Above all, it is freely available to you – if you are willing to share your data with Google, of course.

I always ask my customers if they have access to and are using Google Analytics. If not, I show them the opportunities and value that the application offers using my website as demo. Sometimes there is some initial hesitation.

But as soon as they realise the value of web-traffic analytics, they start talking about opportunities to improve their websites, social media and CRM campaigns, SEO strategies, and more. It is incredible how analytic insights can empower them!

The benefits of using Google Analytics

  1. It automatically collects and visualise traffic data for you
  2. It works across devices and it is integrated with many applications.
  3. You can access standard and custom reports to suit your needs
  4. You can uncover how your visitors use your website to gain leads
  5. You can discover important insights about your visitors, including:
    • if you are attracting the right audience (e.g. age, gender)
    • what device they use (incl. made) to ensure compatibility
    • if your campaigns and posts are getting you clicks and leads
    • visitors’ countries, areas, and cities for marketing purposes
    • social media platforms click through rates to focus efforts

How to check if you already have Google Analytics or to gain access to it

You may start from a couple of tutorial videos and use the four key steps that I posted as references. After all, there are plenty more tutorials online. But you can drop us a line or give us a buzz if you need help with the set up or interpretation of results.

Video tutorials

  1. How to know if Google Analytics is installed in my website”  by 8 Web Design, Hosting & Domains (Brisbane, Australia)
  2. How to Setup Google Analytics & Install on Website” by WP Smackdown

Steps to access Google Analytics

Finally, the steps below link up directly to the Google support pages.

  1. Firstly, setup a Google Account: perhaps you can use your business email for that.
  2. Secondly, signup for Google Analytics and create your account
  3. Thirdly, add the tracking script in each of your website page (but you can also use plugins on WordPress)
  4. Finally, manage your admin panel to access all features discussed in this article

At last, we hope this article will get you started on this important topic. At Indive Analytics, we empower entrepreneurs to fine-tune their business using data and programming.

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