Why choose us

Unlock the Power of Data

At Indive Analytics, we understand the challenges businesses, government bodies, and non-governmental organizations face in navigating the complex landscape of data collection and analysis. Harnessing the expertise of our seasoned business analysts, we present a unique solution tailored to elevate your team’s capabilities without stretching your budget.

Flexible Solutions for Every Need

Recognizing that adding a new position may not always align with your immediate budget or workflow, we offer the flexibility of on-demand business analyst services. By tapping into our expertise only when you need it, you gain access to a powerhouse of analytical insights without the burden of additional overhead costs.

Driving Transformation Through Data, IT and AI

Our business analysts go beyond conventional analysis; they leverage data, IT and AI to propel your organization toward enhanced products, services, and streamlined processes aligned with your strategic goals. From comprehensive analyses fostering innovation to meticulous planning and policy development, we ensure that our insights empower your teams to make informed decisions.

End-to-End Support for Seamless Implementation

Our commitment doesn’t end with delivering insights. We stand by your teams, offering unwavering support throughout the implementation process. From inception to execution, our analysts collaborate with your teams to seamlessly integrate our insights into your reports and projects.

Let Indive Analytics be your strategic partner for transforming data into streamlined solutions

Empower your organization with the precision of data-driven decision-making. Contact Indive Analytics Pty Ltd today and redefine your path to success.

What we do

Example of what customers asked us

  • Regional studies and gap analyses to inform policy initiatives
  • Market analysis and operations modelling to enter new markets
  • Investors’ reports for Startup creation and new product launches
  • Business strategy and innovation roadmaps
  • Executive, management and community interviews and workshops
  • Business intelligence solutions from Power BI to Visual Basic (VBA) macros

Data Analysis excellence

Analytics tools and interfaces

Data collection capabilities

  • Primary data collection
    • direct measurement, observation, surveys
    • online data-capture algorithms, research panels
    • semi-structured interviews and workshops
  • Secondary data access
    • government and private databases
    • documents, audio and video recordings