What we do

Data collection and analysis, workshops

At Indive Analytics Pty Ltd, we help businesses, government and non-governmental organizations with their data collection and analysis needs.

While your team may greatly benefit from having an experienced business analyst onboard, you may not have sufficient budget or workflow to justify a new position opening.

The solution: receive business analysts’ services on demand and supply your team with the required bench strength while reducing your overhead costs.

Our business analysts will effectively use data and IT to help your organisation improve its products, services, and the processes that deliver them according to your goals.

And this includes extensive analysis to enable innovation, planning and policy development. Afterwards, your teams will also receive our support until successful implementation of our insights within your reports and resulting projects.

With our insights, your projects and strategy roadmaps will be defendable and ready for the scrutiny of investors, executives, business partners, policy makers and the general public.

Use cases

  • Regional studies and gap analyses to inform policy roadmaps
  • Market analysis and operations modelling to enter new markets
  • Investors’ report for Startup creation and product launches
  • Customer and competitor intelligence for business optimisation
  • Business strategy and innovation roadmaps
  • Executive interviews and workshops

Data Analysis

Analytics tools

Data collection

  • Primary data collection
    • direct measurement, observation, surveys
    • online data-capture algorithms, research panels
    • semi-structured interviews and workshops
  • Secondary data access
    • government and private databases
    • documents, audio and video recordings

Base your business and policy decisions on sound data and analysis.

Contact us and let us know the outcomes you want to drive.