Businesses and maps hunter

Create lists of companies or points of interest present on Google maps anywhere in Australia!

By choosing our online business search, you will save countless hours to find and list out businesses location, websites, ratings and contacts and more! Or we can create a list of all reference points like bus stops, train stations, parks or barbecue facilities that are present on Google maps!

  • likewise, you get maximum accuracy and up-to-date information!
  • this is ideal for logistics, marketing and for business development purposes!
  • so, select an area in Australia using the map below and give us a keyword for the online business search
  • then we will find location, contacts and more about all businesses responding to your keyword in that area for you!

STEP 1. Video Tutorial

STEP 2. Search output examples

Note: the output is usually an Excel Comma Separated Value file. If an entry is “0”, the result is unavailable or restricted

STEP 3. Get the most out of your online business search

  • Narrow down the area to search area as much as possible using zoom, satellite view and other controls
  • Then, test your keyword (or combination) on Google maps to ensure it gives your the results you need
  • Finally, provide us with an official and easy to recognize email address to contact you

STEP 4. Disclaimer

  • Firstly, we will only look for businesses that, based on your map selection, are on Australian land
  • Secondly, we manually vet and perform contact details requests to ensure compliance with the Australian Federal Spam Act 2003
  • Thus, we may refuse service if we suspect that anyone intends to breach the Act, section 16

If you have any question, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Select an area on the map and click on the "review quote" button to start the process or refresh the quote. You can adjust the area borders or draw the shape again using the controls on the middle-right of the map.