Our digital tools are portfolio products that we developed to help our clients when fine-tuning their business. They mix all of our specialties. In fact, they work across websites, marketing and programming, sometimes supported by advanced analytics.

Business maps hunter

SAVE countless hours spent searching for businesses location, websites, ratings and contacts. List clients, suppliers or maps reference points anywhere in Australia QUICKLY, ACCURATELY and COST EFFECTIVELY. Ideal for marketing and business development!

Augmented reality and virtual tours

Do you want to surprise people with Virtual Reality?

We can use GPS coordinates and QR codes as signposts for your 3D models, even a life-size T-Rex. And we can create a 360 or panorama virtual tour of your park, shop, facilities and house!

QR codes portals

Explore the opportunities created by QR code portals. Registration forms at venues, ordering systems, safety checklists, digital timetables and more!

So, for example, we linked a QR code to a digital menu where people can order and pay by phone. After payment the system prints or displays the order in the kitchen!